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Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. In order to deliver our customers’ expectations and requirements, CRL has designated a Project management and Technical Services Group. This group is primarily in-charge of ensuring that all projects, may it be large or small, are properly executed in a timely manner with a high level of quality.

This group directs the project from the planning stages, sampling and logistics, sample receiving, up to analyses and data deliverable requirements. Every project is properly planned through a meeting with key personnel from both parties. In here, sampling requirements are thoroughly discussed in order to ensure proper execution. Technical requirements on analyses and data reporting are also carefully presented, conforming to the standards stipulated by regulating bodies on corresponding sample matrices.

During the course of the project, the assigned Project Manager maintains a constant communication with the customer and keeps track of the project. CRL also created its own Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) through which the projects can be easily monitored by the Project Manager. The Project manager is also responsible on updating the client regarding target turn-aroundtimes of the projects.